3 Adorable Halloween Projects to Enhance the Fine Motor Skills of Young Children

As many kindergarten and first grade teachers will attest, children today are coming to school without the fine motor skills necessary to do what's expected of them. While adept at tapping on IPads, cell phones, and laptops, they're not able to hold crayons, pencils, and scissors correctly and comfortably. They've missed out on the early activities that build strong finger and hand muscles and promote the pincer grasp (picking up small items between the thumb and index finger).

These  three Halloween projects are not only simple and adorable, but they enhance children's fine motor skills. It's extremely important youngsters do these activities with a minimal amount of adult help so they reap the full benefit. Because these creations are so easy, parents can put out the supplies and let the kids do their thing. It's better not to have a sample so children don't feel pressured to duplicate it. Encourage them to make theirs as unique as possible!

                                                                                              Masking Tape Mummy

Materials: mummy cut-out from black construction paper
                 masking tape
                 goggle eyes (or paint for eyes)

Directions: Let children tear masking tape from the roll and put on the mummy. Add eyes.

                                                                                                           Dot Painting

Materials: orange and black dot paints
                 white construction paper
                 colored construction paper for mounting (optional)

Directions: Let children use the dots paints to make an abstract or representational work of art.

    Cotton Ball Ghosts

Materials: ghost cut-out from white construction paper
                 cotton balls
                goggle eyes (or paper eyes)
                yarn for hanging

Directions: Have children cover the entire ghost with a glue stick. Add cotton balls, eyes, and yarn.

For more fun Halloween projects to do with your kids

   Dot Paints are a must-have for your home. Kids  explore with color, placement, and design without making a big mess. They mix primary colors to make secondary colors. Dot Paints are ideal for little hands and build fine motor skills. They make a perfect birthday gift, too!

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