How to Make Marble Paintings

With Your Kids

Every now and again when my sons were little I was able to pull something out of my repertoire of tricks that totally impressed them. Making marble paintings was one of them. On rainy days when we they were stuck inside, we'd find an old cardboard box, grab some printer paper, and create marble painting after marble painting -- each one beautiful and unique. One afternoon we made so many we could wallpaper our entire house with them!

Painting is one of the purest forms of art. It allows children to make choices, be independent, and get creative. When my sons were growing up, I always kept a shelf in the kitchen full of painting supplies: Tempera paints, watercolors, brushes of all sizes and shapes, sponges, paper, and old yogurt containers to hold paint and water. The boys knew painting was always an option, and they soon came to appreciate it as a soothing activity. My older son with autism would come home from preschool with sensory overload and need some quiet time at the kitchen table painting and listening to music. It was self-care at its best!

 Marble paintings let kids explore paints in a new and different way and the results are always amazing. They make marvelous gifts for grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers, and coaches. Here's how to make your own marble paintings:

1) Find an old cardboard box.
2) Cut some printer paper to fit inside the box.

3) Put a little Tempera paint in some bowls. 2 or 3 colors are enough. If you use too many colors, you'll wind up with brown.

4) Put a marble in each bowl.

5) Put marbles in box. Pick up box and let the marbles roll side to side until the painting is pleasing.
6) Let dry and mount to colored paper.

For more fun ideas to do with your kids

Tempera paints (used in most preschools and kindergartens) are a must-have for your art center. These are your go-to supplies whenever your child wants to paint. Plus, it comes out in the wash!

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