Monster Toast for Halloween

When I was a kid, Halloween was a one-night event -- put on your costume, go trick-or-treating, sort your candy, and that's that. But, today -- taking a cue from retailers who put out decorations as soon as the aisles are cleared of back-to-supplies -- we start celebrating in September. Halloween has become its own season, not just a day.

As the mother of two sons who fancy themselves chefs (thanks Food Network), I've tried out many Halloween recipes with them through the years and Monster Toast has become an all-time favorite. It's so simple to make (even for kids as young as 3), and it always turns out great. Best of all, you need only four ingredients that you always have on hand: milk, food coloring, bread, and butter. So...when you want to have a special Sunday morning breakfast and add a little scary fun, remember to make Monster Toast!

  • milk
  • food coloring
  • bread
  • butter

1) Assemble what you need: milk, food coloring, bread, butter, paintbrushes, toaster, spoons, and bowls.

2) Pour a small amount of milk into each bowl.

3) Add a drop or two of food coloring to each bowl.

4) Stir with spoons. 

5) Make a scary face with the paintbrushes.

6) Younger kids can paint the entire piece of bread.

7) Place in toaster. Butter lightly. Enjoy!

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This cookbook comes from a trusted source -- Better Homes and Gardens -- and makes the ideal gift for your aspiring chef. It's full of fun and easy recipes to get your child familiar with cooking terms and tools.

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