How to Make Ornaments for Christmas: A Penguin and Snowman Made With Light-Bulbs!

When my boys were in elementary school, they made cute ornaments for me every Christmas in class.  I still treasure them today -- the star made of Popsicle sticks, the reindeer made from a clothespin, the wreath made from macaroni. But, once they hit middle school, the gifts stopped coming and I missed them. So that's when we started to make ornaments at home. 

We used old light-bulbs to create this penguin and snowman painted with acrylics.  They're fun and easy to make as well as being age-appropriate for teens and preteens. The kids can really let their creativity shine. Make many and give them as gifts to relatives and friends!

1. Use white spray-paint to cover light-bulbs so they appear opaque.

2. Use acrylic paints to make a penguin, snowman, or whatever your creativity dictates.

3. Let the penguin dry.

4. Let the snowman dry.

5. Add ribbon with a glue gun.

Super cute! Super easy! Enjoy!

Of course, you need some holiday music playing while you're creating these ornaments. Amy Grant's "Home for Christmas" is a classic filled with gorgeous songs -- both religious and secular. It's not Christmas at our home until we've listened to this until we can't listen any more!

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