Thanksgiving Fun With the Kids: How to Make a Turkey-Apple Centerpiece

Making a Turkey-Apple Centerpiece became a Thanksgiving tradition in our family when my sons were little guys -- just 6 and 4. I wanted them to get involved in the day's festivities and feel they were contributing to the feast. But, if you've ever prepared a Thanksgiving meal, you know there's a lot to do and you're rushing around frantically trying to get everything done and timed perfectly. Having two little boys in the kitchen working on a project just might put you over the edge. So...we started a custom of making our Turkey-Apple Centerpiece on the day before Thanksgiving after I returned home from the store with all the groceries for the next day. They turn out so adorable, and they're quick and easy to make.

1. Draw a turkey head on construction paper. Don't forget the beak and wattle!

2. Cut it out. Draw an eye on the front and back.

3. Assemble what you need: an apple, mini-marshmallows, cranberries (dried or fresh), raisins, and toothpicks.

4. Attach the head to the apple with toothpicks. 

 5. Stick in some toothpicks for feathers. Let your child make a pattern with the mini-marshmallows, cranberries, and raisins. (Explain that a pattern is something that repeats itself. Don't worry if she doesn't understand. Patterning comes with age and experience).

6. Add four toothpicks for legs. Put raisins on for feet. Ta-dah! You now have a cute centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. 

For more fall ideas to do with your kids

When my sons were little, they absolutely loved the Berenstain Bears, and we owned over 2 dozen of their books. This holiday cookbook was a favorite with fantastic recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. You and your kids will create beautiful memories making these treats.

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