How to Make "Magic Reindeer Food" With Your Kids to Give as Holiday Gifts

Little ones love to get in the holiday spirit of giving as well as receiving. When they're young is the opportune time to show them it's the thought that counts. We don't need to buy expensive gifts to show we care about someone. Something we make with our two hands is the best gift of all.

Making Magic Reindeer Food is a fun and easy project to do with your kids. It's quick and expensive and everyone loves it. My sons and I would make baggies of it to give to all their classmates at preschool. Their moms and Dads loved that we were spreading the magic of the holidays. I still remember those days when we set up our assembly line in the kitchen, listening to Christmas music, talking about Santa, and experiencing the true meaning of the season. I hope you enjoy making it as much as we did!

 1. Assemble what you need: oatmeal, sugar, green or red sugar crystals (for cake decorating), baggies.

2. Have your kids put 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1/4 sugar crystals in baggies.

3. Add a tag with the following poem:

Be sure to take this magic food and sprinkle on the lawn,

On Christmas, Santa's reindeer travel miles before the dawn.

The glitter path and smell of oats will guide them on their way

And you'll wake up to Santa's gifts next morn on Christmas Day!

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home by adopting this adorable reindeer. Your child will love to snuggle with it while you read holiday books and watch holiday shows. Bring it with you when you chop down a tree, go shopping, and sing carols. If you want, have your child dictate stories to you about the reindeer's holiday adventures. This is a wonderful way to promote meaningful writing.

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