Start a Holiday Tradition With the "Christmas Tree Scissor Story"

With the rush of the holidays, we need traditions that slow us down and let us savor the moment. The Christmas Tree Scissor Story does just that. When my sons were little, they thought it was awe-inspiring when I told them this story and revealed a beautifully decorated tree. It made me feel so happy to know that I could bring a little magic into their lives with such ease. Even though there's no longer a surprise for them at the end of the story, they still look forward to hearing it each December. I think your kids will, too!


  1. Take a piece of green paper and fold it in half lengthwise
  2. On the inside of one half, draw half of a Christmas tree with 5 branches.

3. Decorate both halves of the tree. You can guess where the second half is. Use sequins, glitter, markers, and crayons.

4. Re-fold the paper so the tree and decorations are inside. When you draw the tree, press hard enough so you can see the outline on the outside of the paper.

Tell the Story:

A boy named Josh wanted to get a gift for his family, but he didn't have any money. While his family went to the mall, he stayed home and went for a walk to think about his problem (make a cut for the tree's trunk, cutting though both halves of the folded paper).

He walked into the woods (make a cute for the bottom branch of the tree) and there he saw it -- the perfect Christmas tree! That would be his gift to his family! 

Josh ran back home (make the cut back towards the trunk of the tree) and got an ax. Then he ran back to the tree (cut for the next branch). But he stopped in his tracks, thinking: Hey! I could dig it up and then we could replant it.  So he ran back home to get a shovel.

Once he had the shovel he ran back to the tree (make another branch cut). At that moment, he realized he needed a wheelbarrow so he ran back home (make another branch cut).

Josh dug up the tree and hauled it home (cut back to the trunk). When he got home, he carried the tree right to the center of the living room and set it up (make the last cut to make the tip of the tree). He decorated it and waited for his family. When they walked in, he cried out, "Surprise!" There, in front of their eyes, was the tree, all decorated and shiny (open the paper to show the tree).

Merry Christmas!

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