Zoo-phonics Fun with Peewee Penguin

Peewee Penguin is one of the most beloved Zoo-phonics animals. When my sons were little, they absolutely adored him and would march around the house like penguins while making the puh sound. I'd stick this cute Peewee Penguin poster on our refrigerator and put a fish in his pail when the guys would learn something new. I might add a fish each time they told me something that started with the letter "P." I might add one each time they told me something that rhymed with "fish." I might add one each time they told me a fact about penguins. They loved doing this, and it was easy to make it a part of our daily routine with the poster in the kitchen where we regularly saw it. When my husband came home from work, he'd always make a big deal about how many fish were in the pail, and the boys would get so proud. 

Peewee Penguin is also a popular Zoo-phonics animal because he has his very own song, complete with movements. Here's how it goes:

Peewee Penguin marching by (march with hands at side like a penguin),

Toes turned up and head up high (point toes and chin upward)

A long black cloak and a clean white vest (move hands along the side of your body to display the cloak, pat chest for vest)

Pee-Wee Penguin, you're the best (stretch hands out in front of your body)!

Peewee Penguin is special because there are so many fun projects to do about penguins. Making a Pear Print Peewee is an especially fun one because kids get delighted when they see a pear become a penguin right before their eyes! Here's how to make one:

1. Cut a pear in half. Let it dry out. This will improve the quality of the print!

2. Dip the pear half in black tempera paint.

3. Remove the excess paint from the pear by dabbing it on a newspaper.

4. Make a print on white construction paper and let it dry thoroughly.

5. Add a cotton-ball for the tummy. Use orange construction paper for the beak and feet. Put on wiggle eyes or make your own with paper.

7. Spread glue on the white paper. Sprinkle on salt. This makes a snowy backdrop for Peewee and the kids love doing it.

Ta-dah! Now you have an adorable Peewee Penguin to grace your home.

These penguin figures would provide hours of fun for your child. They measure from 1.5" to 3" tall.
Children learn best by doing and playing. Interacting with these penguins from around the world will teach your youngster that penguins live in places other than Antarctica. He'll learn about the different kinds of penguins and what they eat and do.

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