A Valentine's Craft for Kids: Potato Prints

Printmaking is an example of open-ended art, meaning it lets kids be independent and original, make decisions, experiment with design, and express themselves creatively. When my sons were little, they thought it was so much fun to make heart prints with potatoes. I loved it because we'd have all the materials on-hand and it would kept the boys busy for hours. They needed a little help using the knife to cut the potato but, after that, they were on their own, creating valentines for their family and friends. Here's how to do it:

1. Gather the materials: hearts cut from white construction paper, potatoes, poster paints, paintbrushes, little knives, pencil.

2. Cut the potato in half. With the pencil, draw a large heart on one half and a small one on the other.

 3. With the small knife, cut away the potato from the hearts.

 4. With a small brush, paint the raised hearts in red, purple, or pink.

5. Press the potato on your white construction paper hearts. Wait 5-10 minutes to let the hearts dry before adding an overlapping second color.

6. Let the prints dry. Then use markers to add names, details, and outlines. Now you're ready to give them to family and friends

Who doesn't love the adorable aardvark, Arthur, and his friends, Buster, Francine, and Sue Ellen? When my sons were little, we owned so many Arthur books and the boys never tired of reading them. They loved hearing about Arthur's predicaments with his classmates and his problems with his little sister, D.W. Arthur's Valentine is a must-have for your Valentine's Day collection.

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