How to Make a Valentine's Day Project With Your Toddler and Keep Your Sanity

When my sons were little, I hosted a weekly playgroup at my home for other moms and toddlers. I always tried to have some kind of art project for parent and child to do together. But that soon became quite a challenge. It was incredibly difficult to find projects that were developmentally appropriate for 2 and 3-year-olds. Far too often the moms were stuck at the table cutting and gluing long after the little ones had lost interest and had run away to play. But making these big Valentine's Day hearts proved just perfect!

Toddlers love to feel different textures and see shiny, sparkly things. That's why this projects works. Best of all, they can do the whole thing by themselves. They just need some adults nearby so they don't make too much of a mess (it's best to cover the table with newspapers to catch the glitter and all). Let's get started:

  1. Preparation: Cut out large hearts from pink, red, or white
    construction paper.

2. Gather the materials. I always kept a cupboard in our kitchen for art supplies. That way I didn't need to run out and buy things every time we did a project. I'd just pick up inexpensive things at The Dollar Store, garage sales, and Michael's. For this project, I cut out hearts from tissue paper, construction paper, and scrapbook paper. We also used glitter, sparkles, colored feathers, and cut-up doilies. You could also use stickers, small buttons, wrapping paper, cut-up ribbon, and lace.

  1. Give each child a glue stick and let them create! Everyone's heart turns out looking fantastic and unique!

****There was a time when I really thought it was important for kids to know how to use glue properly (and I still do), but 2 and 3 is not that time! Save yourself a lot of grief by having them use glue sticks!

This book is fabulous for this particular art project. Before our play group started, I scattered hearts of different colors and sizes around my house. When the kids arrived, I read this book to them and then they went on a heart hunt. They then glued these little hearts to the big one. They loved it!


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