Valentine's Day Crafts With Kids: A Heart Collage

Making collages is an open-ended art activity that lets kids use their imaginations to make something truly unique. Creating a collage lets kids play with design until they find something that pleases them. When I taught preschool, we had a collage box that contained all kinds of materials that we saved from other projects – scraps of paper, confetti, sequins, fabric pieces, tissue paper, ribbon, lace, doilies, yarn, wrapping paper, cards. It was a good way to teach the children not to get wasteful – to save leftover materials and use them for other projects.

When I became a stay-at-home, I started a collage box that I kept in the kitchen cupboard with our other art supplies. My sons would pull it when they wanted to get creative with collage. It made them very conscientious about re-using materials -- not only save money but to help the environment.

With this Valentine's Day collage project, your child uses only hearts – cut from scrapbook paper, construction paper, and tissue paper. It makes a wonderful present for grandparents, teachers, and friends. Let's get started!

1. Help your child cut out a large heart from cardboard or poster board.

2. Cut out lots of hearts (different colors and sizes) from construction paper, scrapbook paper, and tissue paper.

3. Now step back and let your child create. Have her glue the smaller hearts on the big cardboard heart, overlapping them as she goes. Tell her to cover the entire heart so no cardboard is showing.

4. When she's done, let it dry. Then have her add a card that says "Happy Valentine's Day." Punch two holes in the top of the heart and add ribbon for hanging. Tah-dah! It looks beautiful to decorate your home or someone else's during the month of February.

Long before there was all this talk about STEM toys, there were Legos. What better activity is there for promoting engineering and math skills than building with these! This special kit for Valentine's Day makes the perfect gift for your child. She'll love it.

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