Easter Activities for Preschoolers: Making a Cotton-ball Bunny

Preschoolers need lots of opportunities to enhance their pincer grasp -- picking up small objects between their thumbs and index fingers. A strong pincer grasp prepares them for the daily activities they'll encounter in kindergarten: writing their names, cutting with scissors, and coloring pictures. A child with a weak pincer grasp will become easily frustrated and fatigued from the day's demands. He may act out in class and get identified as a discipline problem when, in reality, he's just experiencing physical pain in his hand and fingers. All this can get avoided by doing activities with him before kindergarten that improve his pincer grasp. Making this cotton-ball bunny is the perfect activity to do for Easter. Let's get started.

1. Cut out a simple bunny shape from poster-board or cardboard. 

3. Add some pink paper for the ears.

4. Have your child glue cotton-balls around the pink part of the ears and cover the entire head and body. If you want to use less cotton-balls, have your child gently stretch them.

5. Help your child cut out eyes, a nose, a mouth, a bow-tie, buttons, etc. from construction or scrap-booking paper. 

6. Make a hole at the top and string ribbon through it so you can hang your bunny in your home. Happy Easter!

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