Enhance Your Child's Pincer Grasp by Making a Marshmallow Bunny for Easter

Too many children today have weak pincer grasps, causing them unnecessary frustration and fatigue when writing, coloring, and cutting. One way to promote their pincer grasp is having them pick up small objects with tweezers. They love doing this because it's something different -- both fun and challenging. When making this marshmallow bunny, children strengthen their hands and fingers and wind up with an adorable decoration for the holiday.

1. Have your child use tweezers to take marshmallows out of the bag one-by-one and place them in a bowl.  

2. Help your child draw and cut out a simple bunny shape from poster-board.

3. Have your child cover the enter bunny shape with glue.

4. Have your child pick up marshmallows from the bowl and place on the glue. Again, she is improving her pincer grasp!

5. When the rabbit is completely covered with marshmallows, let it dry.

6. Help your child cut out eyes, a nose, and whiskers from construction or scrapbook paper. Let her add her own creative details like clothes, bows, and spots.

Tah-dah! The bunny is done and your child has practiced her pincer grasp in a fun and productive way.

This is the perfect book to pair with this art project. Marshmallow is a true story based on the friendship between a bunny and a cat. It's a timeless tale and a Caldecott award winner.

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