Zoo-phonics and the Egg Game

Spring is the ideal time to play this simple Egg Game  that re-enforces your child's Zoo-phonics skills.  With the Zoo-phonics program, you teach the sounds of the letters first. Each sound gets paired with a Zoo-phonics animal that performs a unique movement called a “signal.”

Bubba Bear makes the “b” sound while reaching up to the honeycomb. Gordo Gorilla makes the “g” sound while peeling a banana. Timothy Tiger makes the “t” sound while shaking the bars of his cage. These signals help your child remember the letter sounds, locking them firmly in her brain for all time.

Once your child knows the letter sounds, she's ready to learn the letter names. This is an easy game to teach the letter names while simultaneously reviewing the signals and sounds. All you need are 26 plastic eggs. Write the lower-case letters on slips of paper, putting one slip in each egg.

Then hide the eggs around the house and yard and let your child hunt for them. When she's found all 26 eggs, have her open them one at a time, saying the letter inside and doing its signal and sound. Keep track of which letters she doesn't know. Save those eggs for a hunt on another day. Enjoy!

Add this classic book to your home library. It's a true piece of literature that both you and your child will adore. Your youngster will love cuddling with her very own Velveteen rabbit. It's makes a terrific gift for birthdays and baby showers.

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