Make a Snake Mobile With Your Preschooler

It's challenging to find simple art projects to do with preschoolers. Too often they're complicated and the parent ends up doing more than the child, defeating the purpose of the project. After all, art should stimulate creativity and promote independence. It should be an expression of the artist, not the artist's parent! 

Making a snake mobile is easy and fun for preschoolers because they can do most of it themselves and the finished project is super cool. They're so excited when they get to hang up the snake in their home and show it off to their family. Here's how to make one:

Materials:  a thin white paper plate, crayons, scissors, yarn or string

1. Have your child use lots of different colors to create a design on the front and back of the paper plate.

2. Help her cut the plate around and around in a spiral, starting thin and getting thicker. Make the last part bigger and rounder for the head.

3. Have your child add an eye and a mouth.

4. Help her tie a piece of yarn or ribbon around the neck and hang it up for everyone to see.

This portable art kit is fantastic for the kid on the go. She can take it on road trips, sleepovers, and family vacations. It will keep her occupied and relaxed in the car, the tent, or the motel. She can even take it along to the dentist or doctor's office to stay relaxed while waiting.

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