Creative Writing With Your                              Preschool Child: Sticker Stories    

As someone who loves to write, finding it joyful and therapeutic, I think it's tragic that so many teenagers and adults loath it. Doing a writing assignment for themwhether it's an essay for school, thank you notes for wedding gifts, or a brief paragraph for a job applicationis nothing but misery. This is sad because when they were little kids they probably loved it and found it empowering. 

Somewhere along the line, though, those feelings was obliterated. They were killed by a school system that taught spelling, punctuation, and grammar but failed to nurture a love of writing. Now, with the ridiculous push for academic rigor in preschool and kindergarten, it's likely even little kids will start to hate writing.

Young children are naturally enthusiastic writers who happily churn out story after story. When they dictate tales to me, I furiously copy down their words but am barely able to keep up with the imaginative flow of thoughts. I marvel at how quickly and inventively their minds work and wish mine could do the same! Why would we want to impose anything on them that would deaden their creatively?

Unfortunately, like so many things in early childhood education today, we risk turning a positive into a negative. This is certainly true now as we expect kids to write paragraphs in kindergarten and for what? It's the perfect recipe for making them detest writing only to get some measly immediate results with no long term benefits.

If you're homeschooling your children or supplementing their education, Sticker Stories are a fantastic way to bring lightness and joy back into the writing process. They're beneficial in the following key ways:
  • They promote a child's imagination and storytelling abilities in a fun and organic way.
  • They give kids an opportunity to experience the excitement of creating and illustrating their own stories.
  • They're a wonderful way to enhance fine motor skills as children peel and place stickers on the paper and add details with crayons and markers. They strengthen the pincer grasp, which is needed to hold a pencil correctly and comfortably.

How to Write a Sticker Story With Your Child:

Supplies: an assortment of stickers, white paper, crayons and markers
  1. Have your child use stickers to create a scene on the white paper.
  2. Have your child use crayons and markers to add to the scene, making additions and details.
  3. Have your child dictate a story to you about the scene she created. Write the words below the picture or on the back.
  4. Read the story to your child (she might want to hear it again and again)!
  5. Post the Sticker Story on the refrigerator or add it to a binder to build a collection.
**** Sticker Stories make a fantastic gift for grandparents!

Children need a well-stocked art kit for all their creative endeavors, including making Sticker Stories! This one is ideal for taking anywherein the car, on camping trips, and on sleepoversto let their imaginations soar. 

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